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We have worked with clients in hundreds of companies across a variety of industries since 1999. Our goal is to treat our clients as valued partners while helping them achieve their dreams; some new brands we helped launch have become leading companies. We believe it is essential to listen to feedback from our clients throughout each evolving project, and to respond to this to achieve a successful final product that meets the brief.


At DEEPRED, key qualities we look for in people to join our team are integrity and empathy. Our curious nature keeps us busy, and we like it that way. We love collaborating to create killer products to ensure our clients’ success. One of our greatest successes is the consistency with which we transform a new idea into a successful product.


ID to Deep

DEEPRED, a consultancy agency specializing in omnichannel branding, was founded in Dubai in 2005. This enabled a timely coming together of talented, like-minded designers, with a cohort of staff joining the DEEPRED team from the then company “IDentity LLC”. This group of new employees had founded IDentity LLC in Dubai in 1994 as the first corporate identity and strategic design firm in the region.

With their years of experience from this background, their integration into the newly formed DEEPRED team created a strong, complementary skills base from which to build and expand the services of the new company. The natural compatibility and synergy of the team is evidenced by the continuing long service of those same DEEPRED employees today and the quality of what they produce.

Exploring the extensive range of brands we have created will reveal the heritage that our staff bring with them through their years of experience across both companies – a heritage that continues to be reflected in our work today. The recognition of the uniqueness of each client’s requirements, and the commitment to customize each project to meet those, are what lie at the heart of the culture of the DEEPRED team. The team’s combined knowledge of factors influencing an organization’s culture and image have been invaluable in creating an accurate, appealing and unique brand identity for each client.


Bringing projects to completion and creating success has always been the culture at DEEPRED. Each milestone we reach drives us to do better and strive for more. Your needs as a client are our only concern – from the moment you contact us until the job is done.

We are responsive to feedback and are action-oriented towards continuous learning. We’re who we are because of this forward momentum. It’s our job to do the right thing; and in this fast-paced industry, that evolves through collaboration with clients. Developing with you is what we do. These basic principles keep us grounded and true to our mission – their simplicity is sufficient.


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